Workshops offer an opportunity to exchange ideas & thoughts related to common topics or questions related to Self Awareness. Workshops are organized as small group discussion, followed by Q&A on the respective topics.

A connection with a view into the ‘Other’ is an integral component of the process of getting to know the ‘Self’.

Here is a list of workshops with the respective details.

Journaling for Self Awareness

This is a workshop focussing on the practice of Journaling for the purpose of increasing our Self Awareness.

Journaling is one of the more effective & most economic way to studying the Self. Participants attempt to identify the best practices related to journaling, share ideas on how to use it effectively to learn about ourselves, and not just as a planner or calendar to store our appointments & reminders.

Topics of Discussion:

  • What to write?
  • How often to write?
  • Pros & cons of different methods?
  • Creating a habit.
  • Driving behavioural change through journaling

Beauty – Asset or Liability

This is a workshop focussing on understanding the nature of beauty.

Beauty can be an asset, a liability or a handicap depending on the individual, the context or situation and their ability to understand its nature and its application.

If you are beautiful, but do not understand its nature and its implications, it becomes a handicap. If you do not know how to express it or leverage it correctly in a given situation, it becomes a liability. For an individual who understand its nature, is able to express it appropriately and leverage it given the situation it is a very effective tool & thus a very valuable Asset.

Topics of Discussion:

  • The nature of Beauty
  • The Handicap of Beauty
  • Beauty & the Self
  • Beauty & Dating / Relationships
  • Beauty & Profession / career

Schedule & Signup

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