W08: Relationships

W08: Self Awareness for Dating & Relationships


  • Understand the difference between Dating vs Love vs Relationships, and how to use this in your personal choices
  • Identify the best practices customized for you to explore the Idea of Love
  • Develop an understanding of Relationship circles, their importance in life, and how to implement them in your life
  • Identify the key indicators & red flags based on your True Self
  • Create a dating strategy to meet your specific relationship goals

Topics of Interest

The Nature of Relationships

  • What is a Relationship?
    • How are relationships formed?
    • What are the key components?
    • What is the role of Love in a Relationship?
  • What are the various types of Relationships?
  • What are the different dimensions of relationships?
  • What are Relationship Circles?
    • How do Relationships affect your Social Equity / Monetary situation?
  • What are the best ways to resolve Conflict?
  • Why is Marriage important for any individual?
    • What is Sophie’s Choice & how is the idea related to marriage?

The Process of Dating

  • How to customize your dating life?
  • How does Beauty, Youth & Wealth affect Dating choices & consequences?
  • What are some of the most common True Constraints vs False Narratives
  • What is your Dating Equity?
  • What are the Key Indicators to look out for?
  • How to evaluate compatibility?
  • What are the most common Red Flags