W02 Grounded Self

W02: The Grounded Self


  • Visualize & Model the Self as a Tree
  • Understand the nature of the Primal Self
  • Identify individualized practices for Grounding the Self
  • Understand the role of Values, Character & Personality in a your life. Develop self awareness related to values systems & character traits.
  • Address any concerns, questions submitted related to the content for this workshop.

Topics of Interest / Questions

  • What is the Grounded Self?
    • What are some benefits of grounding the Self?
    • Why we are not Grounded?
  • How is the Primal Self related to the Human Self
    • What are the needs of the primal self?
    • What needs are the most ignored? Why?
  • What factors beyond our control shape our Self?
    • How does birth order affect the Self?
    • How does Culture affect the Self?
  • What is the difference between Values vs Character vs Personality?
    • What are some important values & what purpose do they serve?
    • What are some important character traits and what purpose do they serve?
    • What are some important personality traits & what purpose do they serve?
  • How to define your Ambition & Purpose?
  • How do Core Self Evaluations help you in life?
  • What are the Fundamental Desires of the Self?
  • What are some examples of Wabi-Sabi in the Human Condition
    • How is this relevant to your life?
  • What are the key Cognitive Characteristics
  • How can we develop Critical Thinking
    • Why is this important?
  • What are the key dependencies of the Self?