The Oasis Inside

The Oasis Inside is a Self Discovery Retreat that can help an individual quickly deepen their connection with the Self, using established & proven techniques including Fasting, Meditation, Yoga & Journaling. The retreat is a Self Directed experience based learning program based on principles derived from Humanistic Psychology & Gestalt Psychology.

Who is it for

This retreat is designed for people looking to take a quick break, in order to reconnect with their inner self, while enjoying a travel experience to a new destination. The Self Discovery Retreat is suitable for anyone seeking to find The Oasis Inside.

While the retreat is open to everyone, it is especially suitable for individual’s undergoing any personal transformation related to the Self. Such a transformation is often a result of an emotional event such as the loss of a loved one or a breakup / divorce, or can also be due to a change in Self Identity caused by a sudden loss of job / layoff.

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Retreat Features


The retreat experience is designed to bring focus to the Self. It is also Self Directed in order to maintain focus on the Self, rather than the Coach/Instructor. Most of the learning is through the experience of undergoing the process. As a coach, I’m merely guiding you through the process, & customizing key elements of your personal experience to align it to the intended process. Since the retreat is Self Directed, you can undertake it on your own, without using me as a coach.

Travel & Self Discovery

Travel should be used as an instrumental tool in the process of Self Discovery. It helps in numerous ways – both consciously & unconsciously – in aiding & expediting Self Discovery. Read more about how travel is an essential component in the process of Self Discovery here.

Multiple Disciplines / Techniques

The retreat uses several techniques including, but not limited to, Meditation, Fasting, Digital Detox & Journaling. Click here to see how each of these techniques helps connect you to the self in a unique way.



The retreat uses individually customized practices related to Fasting & Meditation to help you practice Patience. See my articles on Patience here to find ways of imbibing the character trait of Patience into your Self.

Self Efficacy

The retreat uses individually customized practices based on Self Discovery to help you evaluate and improve you Self Efficacy. See my articles on Self Efficacy here.

Delayed Gratification

The retreat uses Journaling & Self Discovery to help you evaluate your strengths & weaknesses related to Delayed Gratification. We further create individually customized Gestalt Experiences to help you address those weaknesses. See my articles on Delayed Gratification here.

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