The Self

The term “Self” is a mental construct discussed widely in the fields of Psychology & Philosophy. Here is a list of articles on topics related to the Idea of Self & Self Concept. I recommend reading them in the order presented.

The Idea of the Self

In this article we explore the various aspects of the Self and try to define the Self Concept by breaking it down into simple components.

The War On the Self

In this article, we examine the most influential aspects of the environment that exercise their power to constrain the true development of the Self.

Damaged Self vs Healthy Self

In this article, we examine the most common aspects & implications of the damaged sense of Self in an individual.

True Self vs False Self. Real Self vs Ideal Self.

In this article we take a look at & compare three of the most prominent hypothesis related to the fallacies in our sense of Self.

Events that trigger a disconnect with the Self

In this article, we take a look at some of the most common triggers that lead to a significant & possible sudden change in ones Self Concept, thereby leading to a disconnect with the Self.

Studying the Self – Psychology or Philosophy?

In this article we take a look at the two main disciplines of study of the Self in academia, and evaluate how a careful study of Self Psychology & Philosophy can provide the required framework of knowledge for increasing Self Awareness.

The Idea of Self Discovery

In this article we attempt to define the idea of Self Discovery from a layman’s perspective & outline the three most essential aspects of the process.

Gestalt Psychology

In this article, we provide a brief introduction to Gestalt Psychology, as a starting point to explore its applications in Self Discovery & Behavioural Change.