The Journey of Self Discovery – Program Details


This experience is designed for people going through a significant change in their life – such as a breakdown of an important relationship, or a shift in their direction in life.

The program

The background preparation of the program starts six weeks prior to the commencement. We assign the participants into groups. Every group is required to make a presentation on a selected topic that is relevant to the training program. The group also shares the learnings from their real life experiences. This is followed by a Q&A and discussion.

Topics for Participant Presentations:

  • Extreme Emotions. Parenting & Culture. Taming our emotions.
  • Emotions Vs Feelings. Making wise choices.
  • Spiritual Philosophies
    • Choose two for comparison & discussion
    • One regional philosophy depending on location
    • Another from Zen, Buddhism, Tantra, Hinduism, Taoism etc
  • Misconceptions in Romantic Relationships
  • Healthy Habits during Emotional Change
  • Dating & Friendships during Emotional change
  • Healthy Self – Identity, Image & Worth

Topics are assigned on a first come first serve basis. Apply early to have more choices. Groups are assigned by common topics. You will be grouped with people/person with similar interest.


  • Dates: TBD
  • Location: TBD

Planning your travel

This is a two week training program, starting on Monday of week 1 and ending on Friday of Week 2. We typically arrange for an informal dinner meet-up on Sunday evening before the commencement of the retreat.  Most participants like to stay for an additional week after the completion, to socialize and explore the destination with their new friends from the group.


  • Day 1, Monday: Brunch. Introductions. Self Awareness Exercise – Impressions & Perceptions
  • Day 2, Tuesday: PP – Emotions vs Feeelings
  • Day 3, Wednesday: PP – Extreme Emotions, Social Exercise 1
  • Day 4, Thursday: Travel & Exploration Day, Yoga Studios
  • Day 5, Friday: PP – Dating & Friendships during Emotional change, Social Exercise 2
  • Day 6, Saturday: PP – Healthy Habits during Emotional Change
  • Day 7, Sunday: Travel & Exploration Day, Tourist Traps
  • Day 8, Monday: PP – Misconceptions in Romantic Relationships, Social Exercise 3
  • Day 9, Tuesday: PP – Spiritual Philosophies
  • Day 10, Wednesday: Travel & Exploration Day, Spiritual places
  • Day 11, Thursday:  PP – Healthy Self – Identity, Image & Worth, Peer feedback,
  • Day 12, Friday: Closing notes, Future plans, Awards, Dinner Social

*PP denotes Participant Presentation

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