Course Overview

The course Self Awareness for Dating & Relationships is focussed on helping individuals gain an understanding of real world relationships and the different social forces that effect these relationships. The key objective is to help each participant foresee a rational path towards creating & nurturing long lasting & fulfilling relationships based on their True Self.

The course has three essential components:

  • Pursuit of excellence in an Art Form
  • Practice of Dating based on Self Awareness
  • One-on-one sessions with Feedback on Journaling

Crucial Knowledge Topics

  • The Idea of Love
    • The Footprint of Parenting
    • The Privilege of Beauty
  • The Nature of Relationships
  • The Game of Seduction
  • The Process of Dating
  • The Art of Romance
  • The Importance of Marriage
  • Lessons from Breakups

Course Duration: 6 months

Price: US $ 2500. Incl. 25 sessions. Each session 30 mins.