My coaching programs are based on the three workbooks I have published.

Developing a Personal life Philosophy

This is based on the workbook titled ‘The Grounded Self’. It focuses on developing an understanding of basic principles in psychology & philosophy, understanding social systems & game theory, & using these ideas for making conscious choices in day-to-day life.

Moderation in Emotions

This is based on my workbook titled ‘The Loving Self’. It focuses on identifying best practices based on self awareness for moderating one’s own emotions. It also covers developing an understanding of relationships & identifying the best strategies for personal relationship management based on Self Awareness.

Creating an Equity Affluent Identity

This is based on my workbook titled ‘The Stellar Self’. It focuses on developing Financial Self Awareness by understanding basic ideas related to the functioning of money & markets, as well as developing Political Self Awareness, by understanding the role & power of relationships and their effects on personal finance. The coaching program includes developing an equity affluent identity for personal professional success.