About Me

Sanjay Arora

Education & Past Professional Work

I pursued my University Education studying Instrumentation Engineering at IIT Kharagpur, in India. Upon completion in 1999, I worked as a Software Engineer in Dallas, Texas, primarily building Network Magament Systems for Telecom Equipment Manufacturers such as Alcatel, Lucent Technologies & Tellabs Inc.

After six years of working in Engineering, I enrolled in the MBA program at University of British Columbia, in Vancouver, Canada. Upon completion of the program, I joined AT&T, where I worked in Global Pricing Strategy for 10 years, focusing on microeconomic strategy in various markets, including Canada, Latin Americas, Australia & India.

Current Projects

My current work include creating content – workbooks, presentations, social media – for helping individuals improve Self awareness.

Transition to Self Awareness Education

While working in the area of Microeconomic Strategy at one of the largest organization in the world, it struck me that my work was not aligned to my true Self. I was good at my work, my peers were great individuals, and the money was more than I expected. And even then, I was not happy with my life, since it was not aligned to my true self.

And it wasn’t just me. More than 70% of people in public organizations work for money. And they don’t even understand Money! Most people, in such cases, try find happiness by buying stuff they don’t need.

And that began my quest to finding answers for myself, and working in the area of Self Awareness. The Stellar Self is a result of that quest. My goal is to help people improve their Self Awareness, thereby enabling them to live a more fulfilling life.