A Prayer For Self Esteem

A Prayer for Self Esteem can be a very valuable tool for controlling your thoughts leading to negative emotions. It can also assist you in driving towards the desired behavioural Change.

From the very definition of the concept of Self Esteem, it is evidently based on a belief. It is not based on an objective evaluation of facts. Even some criminals have high self esteem and many hard working professionals serving the society have low self esteem.

So, if you are suffering from low self esteem, and are working towards improving your self esteem, a prayer may be an effective aid.

The Idea of a Prayer

In belief systems, a prayer – in the form of a dialogue with the Self – is very effective in directing one’s focus and improve performance towards the change.  A prayer can help you reinforce a positive belief in the Self. 

A Prayer for Self Esteem is a Meditative Dialogue with the Self. It may or may not involve the idea of God.

In modern times, a very high number of people are living alone, away from families, devoid of emotional support that arises from a long term loving relationship. Add to that the effect of incessant distractions of Social Media & high peer pressures of performance. All this leads to a life style where an individual is constantly on the run, with the mind racing being pulled by different strings for attention, and there is no opportunity for reinforcing a positive belief in the Self.

A prayer can thus be a positive habit, where despite any distractions, you take the time for affirmations, reminders &  setting your intent for immediate actions, aligned to your true Self.

The key components of the prayer would include Affirmations i.e. expressions of Self Love, reminders to enable focus in thought and persistence in action, and intent setting for immediate actions.

Self Discovery Questions

  • Formulate a prayer based on this article. Write at least one
    • Self Affirmation
    • Reminder
    • Intent for a regular action
  • Decide on a time, and time interval for this prayer?