Use Cases & Applications of Self Discovery

In this article, we outline some of the most prominent use cases and applications of improving self awareness. These are Identities that benefit the most from self discovery, and applications of self awareness for different aspects in everyone’s life.

Use Cases

University Level Students

The greatest beneficiaries of learning related to Self Awareness is University Level Students. During these years, it is usually the first time you are living away from your parents, and have an individual identity. A conscious self discovery process is instrumental n developing a healthy self esteem, and charting the future course of your life in a direction aligned to your true Self.

Artists & Celebrities

The life path of an Artist is not structured like other professions such as business or sciences. An artist needs to be prepared for severe ups & downs. Not only that, people who choose this path have a certain temperament & passion dedicated to their craft. And without self Awareness, this passion c an lead to destructive pathways, as we hear happens more than often.

Young Professionals

Self Awareness is extremely beneficial when you are starting out your career in any job. The nature on work and the nature of employment contracts is changing rapidly. Self Awareness can help you define the direction you want your career to take, rather than depending on your employer to chart a course for you.

Executives & Leaders

A high degree of Self Awareness is absolutely essential for any individual operating in a leadership capacity. For a leader to be successful, she must define her own leadership philosophy & leadership style. The source of this lies in the foundation of a high degree of Self Acceptance, i.e. being comfortable with your own self.


Parenting is one of the most important areas which benefits from Self Awareness. The benefit is indirect, in the sense that you are able to raise strong kids, with a strong sense of Self & a well defined purpose in life, based on their true aspirations, and not based on peer pressure or parental pressures.

Applications of Self Awareness

  • Improving your Emotional Awareness
    • Improved Emotional Regulation
  • Self Awareness for Health
    • Individualized Nutrition
    • self Driven Weight Loss
  • Self Esteem
    • Confident Self Expression
  • Dating & Relationships
  • Identity Based Career

Questions for Self Awareness

  • Identify which use case is applicable to you. If possible, create a new use case suitable for a smaller subgroup using your identity.
  • Identify one new application of improved self awareness, specific to you.