Why do we even need money in life?

In this article we take a look at the primary functional aspects of how money serves us in order to develop an understanding of our drive for Money. This understanding can help us in developing strategies for avoiding credit.

Prerequisite Reading

Everyone is driven or guided by Money or Monetary Metrics. It is understandable to be driven by Money if you do not have enough. It is required for your basic needs.

However, for an increasingly large section of society comprising of those who have more than enough, but who do not understand money, it often continues to be their master, their primary driver in their path of life. They continue to serve the purpose of money for their significant life, depriving themselves of a life lived true to the Self.

Understanding The Primary Needs for Money for Avoiding Credit.

Moreover, they often take up credit based on employment related income in order to fulfil short term non-essential needs. This is the key reason that prevents them from attaining financial freedom for life. Therefore, before we take a look at understanding financial freedom, lets take a look at how people use money for happiness.

The Primary Motives for Money

Lets examine the primary motives for Money, beyond meeting our immediate & essential needs, that lead to a sustained drive for it.

A person may be driven by either or a combination of these motives. It is usually a combination of these motives to varying degrees. Each of the above has its pros & cons.

  • If buying & owning stuff is your primary source of happiness from money, it is easier for you to be happy. But on the other hand, no amount. of money will be able to be enough for you. You must continue to earn money in order to satisfy your constant need for shopping.
    • How can you customize your purchasing & ownership needs to align with your long term sustainable income
  • If doing stuff, creating experiences is your primary source of happiness, you can burn through a lot of cash very quickly. On the other hand you can find or customize your preferred experiences that create value, and possibly income for yourself.
    • How can you customize your experiential needs to align with your long term sustainable income
  • If serving others & expressing love is your primary source of happiness from money, it is relatively easier to stay within your means, however the downside is that it is likely for you to be used for money if you have a tendency to seek validation.
    • How can you customize your serving & emotional needs to align with your long term sustainable income

The Drive for Money

As we discovered while studying the topic – ‘Functional Autonomy of Drives’ – a drive can become autonomous & independent of the motive in the long run.

The drive for more money is initially created by a need of it, but it can become autonomous over the long run.

In such cases, the drive for money sustains, over-riding the need for it. Then the individual becomes addicted to be driven by it, even when there is no need for it.

One of the most common regrets that people have towards the end of their lives is that they worked too much and did not live a life true to themselves. The primary reason for this is an individuals drive for money.

In the current knowledge economy, there are an increasing high number of people who are affluent enough to lead a life beyond the constraints of money, while staying true to their self. However they are limited in their pursuit because they do not understand the origin of that drive for money.