Audience for the Book

While my book titled “The Stellar Self – 99 Questions for Self Discovery” can be used by anyone looking to establish a deep connection with the Self, or to improve their sense of Self by augmenting it with Self Analysis, it is especially useful for certain individuals. In this article, I discuss the key audience for the book & how individuals in different situations can use the book appropriately.

University Students & Recent Graduates

The most important audience for this book is University Students & recent Graduates. This is because it is at this stage of one’s life, an individual start’s their independent life journey. Before this stage, one is either living with parents, is absorbed in the socio-cultural training environment, and is usually dependent on others / government for financial obligations. It is in the final years of University or soon after graduation that one becomes a fully independent member of society with complete responsibility & accountability for the Self. And at this time, one has their whole adult life in front of them to shape it consciously and align it towards Self Actualization.

And therefore, this is the best time to start journaling for Self Discovery. And my book offers a good platform to kick off this process.

Individuals considering an Identity Based Career

If you are considering pursuing a career driven by your unique Identity, it is imperative that you have a strong sense of Self in order to be able to establish & retain an Identity in your chosen field of work. This book can help you lay a strong foundation towards that end. For more information on this, see the following articles:

Individuals undergoing Identity Shift

Some events in our life can have a significant impact on our sense of Self. Sometimes this effect is benevolent, while at other times it can be damaging. In both cases, it can cause one to loose sense of the Self and be carried away in the drift.

An example of a benevolent change in identity is gaining sudden financial fortune or quick success. Or getting married / emotionally involved with someone in a short span of time. A damaging effect on identity may be an unexpected layoff or unexpected breakup / divorce.

In all of these situations, journaling can help you get grounded and regain your true identity, and help with reconciliation / healing. This book offers a good platform to kick off this process.

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