Socio Cultural Environment & the Self

Our Socio Cultural Environment has a very persistent effect on our sense of Self. So much that there is an attempt to define a branch of psychology specifically focused on researching how the socio-cultural environment effects our overall cognitive development. Some of the most notable psychologists who have worked in this area are Richard Schrewder, Lev Vygotsky, Jacob Moeno, Silvan Tomkins etc. to name a few.


Internalization is the integration of attitudes, values, standards and the opinions of others into one’s own identity or sense of self. Lev Vygotsky, a renowned Russian psychologist, studied child development and the significant roles of cultural mediation. According to Lev, there are two key dimensions of early conscience that are heavily developed through internalization 

  • rules of social conduct
  • empathic affects to others i.e. the manner in which you express empathy

Internalization has a significant impact on our behaviour with regards to our relationships. It impacts how we make friends, how we manage different relationships, and also effects our love life. In the current age of globalization, it also impacts our career, most notably our Leadership style.


  1. Describe the Socio-Cultural environment of your formative years. i.e. before the age of 8.
  2. Outline three aspects of that socio cultural environment that you like.
  3. Outline three aspects of that socio cultural environment that you dislike.
  4. Do you still live in the region where you spent most of your childhood?
    • If not, how far do you live from your immediate family? Why did you chose to move away?
    • If yes, did you ever go live far away from your immediate family – in a foreign country? If not, why not?

The following questions in my book – The Stellar Self – delve deeper into the aspects of your socio cultural environment that have had the most impact on you.

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