Education & Learning About the Self

In this article we examine the factors leading to the lack of education about the Self, and take a look at a model for for undertaking a self directed learning about the Self.

The System of Education

The footprint of the modern education system was set in the first industrial revolution. Society needed a lot of factory workers, and thus the education system inevitably became a factory of generating factory workers.

While there have been constant upgrades, the current system still lags behind the needs of tomorrow. Education in modern society is operated as a business, and therefore it serves the current economic interests.

Education related to the Self

Education related to the Self does not directly provide an monetary benefit to the individual or the society. As a matter of fact, it may have adverse economic consequences if more people are Self Aware. That is because most developed economies produce & consume more than they need. Self Aware individuals would produce less & consume less, and this may lead to deflation.

Learning About the Self

Learning about the Self is no different from developing a deep understanding on any subject like physics, maths or economics. The key factors of learning are the same, however there are key differences in outcome:

  • You are your master. Learning is self directed. It may be aided by an external agent, but the primary driver is your own self.
  • There is no evaluation done or certification provided. It is a slow, gradual & continuous process, without an end date.
  • The economic benefit of Self Awareness is not quantifiable. There are subjective benefits like higher fulfillment in life, higher levels of happiness, better relationships etc. which cannot be denied. There are objective benefits as well, the extent of those vary from individual to the other.

The pursuit of Learning

There are three broad aspects towards the pursuit of learning.

Collection & Assimilation of Information / Knowledge

Increase your breadth of knowledge. With regards to Self Awareness, I curate content from many sources related to this topic and try to expound on how you can apply a theoretical concept towards some aspect of your life, such as career, health or relationships. You can find information & ideas curated by me on this blog or on my youtube channel.

Application of Knowledge

This comprises of applying that information to solve problems, to challenge yourself in order to develop depth of understanding. With regards to Self Awareness, I offer sample Questions to address in your Journal. Alternatively I also author workbooks on this topic that you can use to explore ideas discussed in my videos & blog.

Relation of Knowledge

This include relating the knowledge with others. Connecting with others to share ideas, counter their propositions & defend yours. With regards to Self Awareness, I host online & offline workshops on many topics related to this subject matter.

All these three are inter-related, and must be done iteratively and concurrently.

Self Awareness Questions

  • What are some of your favourite sources of knowledge about the Self?
  • What are some of your social practices / interactions with others – that improve your self awareness?