99 Questions for self discovery

Five years after losing my left forearm in an accident, I decided to write a self help book documenting all the lessons learnt from my journey towards self rehabilitation, getting my life back and running after the trauma. After all, most people complemented me on how fast I had recovered from such a major setback. And this began my personal journey into Self Discovery.

Documenting my Lessons

I spent more than a year – remembering, documenting & analyzing the sequence of events, my attitude towards my situation & my behaviour after the accident. There were many unique aspects about how I approached my trauma & its affects. Initially I thought that it was my approach to dealing with life, that was superior in some way, that helped me to lead a fulfilling life. However, I was completely wrong in assuming so.

The original Idea of the book was to share my experiences in light of established principles in Psychology & Philosophy, to give the reader advice on dealing with adversity.

Discarding my lessons

However, the more I delved deeper into the most profound lessons in Psychology & Philosophy, it became absolutely clear that my lessons based on my experiences were only applicable to my life. Actual Self Help requires for each one of us to learn our own lessons from our own experiences.

Each one of us is unique, with a unique history of experiences, and a unique genetical & sociocultural footprint. And therefore our approach to self help must also be unique. This is the primary philosophy behind my book.

The Workbook

This is a self help Workbook. But unlike most self help books, it does not offer solutions to any of life’s problems. It is rather a collection of questions, for one to think about and answer with utmost honesty, in order to get a better understanding of one’s own self.

This is not a book you read. It is a book you write.

My experience from life has been that while we are constantly looking for answers to life’s challenges, from the outside world, the right answers usually come from within us. And the answers are different for each of us, since each of us is unique in our own way.

The best way for us to find those answers is to develop a healthy & honest relationship with our selves. This book can help set up an initial frame of reference to that end.

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