Meditation for Self Discovery

In this article we explore the idea of Meditation, its origins as well as its contemporary implications, & how it can be used in the process of Self Discovery.

The term Meditation has its origins in Latin. It is a derivative of the latin word Meditari, which means to contemplate or ponder. In the modern context though, Meditation mostly refers to eastern spiritual practices, termed Dhyana in Hinduism & Buddhism.

Mediation means a state of deep thought. Meditation also refers to the practice of driving one’s consciousness to a state of complete rest. It is a state of thoughtless awareness.

Meditation & Spirituality

Most modern meditation practices in common use originated in the east. According to all eastern philosophies, the human being possesses a physical body & a non physical entity. There are different names associated to this non-physical entity, but every form of meditation practice agrees on the presence of a non physical life force & refers to it at some stage.

The belief in this life force is an essential pre requisite in order to undertake eastern meditation practices. To a certain extent, one is trying to connect to this life force while practicing meditation. So, to deny its existence is counter to the very premise that every meditation practice in this book is based on.

Types of Meditation

There are many different types of meditation techniques that have evolved over a period of time. Here I list some of the most common techniques based on lineage. While the implementation details may vary, each technique aims to induce a meditative state in the mind.

  • Hinduism & Yoga lineage
    • Chakra Meditation
    • Mantra Meditation
    • Tantra Meditation
    • Yantra Meditation
    • Kundalini Meditation
    • Pranayama Meditation
    • Vipassana Meditation
    • Maun Vrat Meditation
  • Buddhism Lineage 
    • Taoist Meditation
    • Qigong Meditation
    • Zen Meditation
    • Massage induced meditation

Meditation & Self Discovery

Meditation can be used as an instrumental tool in aiding the process of Self Discovery. Self Discovery requires one to be able to direct their focus, usually with high intensity, in order to uncover the many layers of various aspects of the self. Meditation as a practice has been proven, by many researchers, to facilitate our ability to focus & concentrate inwards towards our True Self.

Meditation as an art

Meditation is a deeply personal practice based art. That means – unlike Applied Sciences, where one can define a process & path for learning, there is no such path or process in the case of Meditation . One cannot learn it by reading or watching presentation. It is learnt only through practice, just like painting or music.

Secondly, unlike mathematics – where 2+2 is always 4, the experience of a meditation practice varies from person to person,  and from time to time. Even someone with a strong practice may fail to achieve a meditative state at certain times. The path of learning meditation is not a straight line.

Meditation is deeply personal in nature. A particular technique may work for one individual, but not for the other. One of the main challenge that most people face with Meditation is finding which technique works best for them. In the Self Discovery Retreat – The Oasis Inside, I work with clients personally to identify their best meditation technique suitable to their inclinations .

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