Travel & Self Discovery

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The idea of travelling for a spiritual experience is not a new one. Pretty much every religion & culture has the tradition of pilgrimage. It is because travel can be of immense help for connecting with our true self. In this article I outline how travel actually aids in the process of Self Discovery. And the situations when Travel becomes an absolute must for rediscovering the Self.

Focus on the Present

Most people who are disconnected with the Self are either thinking too much about the past or about the future. The act of travelling necessitates focusing your attention on the here & now. Since you are exploring something new, and new is usually interesting, travel naturally brings your focus to the present moment.

Disconnecting from the Situation

Most people who have lost the connection to the Self, it is due to a certain situation at home. At Home we are deeply entrenched in the traials & tribulations of daily life. And sometimes ther . might even be traumatic events that we need to escape from.

Meting new People

When we travel to a new destination, we see a new way of life. We go to meet new people, experience new cultures, learn their histories. And this shows us new possibilities. This automatically opens up a new side of ourselves, that was previously hidden.

Travel is an absolute must in case you feel stuck in the past and are unable to move on from an event or a situation. May be it’s the loss of a loved one, a breakup or a failure in an endeavour you were passionately attached to. In any case, getting away can help you bring back attention to yourself. It can help you see new possibilities through new surroundings.

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