Journaling Effectively for Self Discovery

In this article, we take a look at the most common practices in journaling, their benefits & shortcomings, & present to you a few recommendations for getting the most our of your journaling practice.

Journalling is by far the most effective, and most economical practice for increasing Self Awareness. But there are finer details that must be considered in your journalling approach, in order to make it effective & useful in your pursuit of Self Discovery.

The Calendar Journal

This is the most common form of journaling. Most people use their journal as a calendar, or a scheduler. They record to-do list, or list of reminders. This is a very effective method for time management. It is good for accounting & planning of your life. But it is totally focused on the behavioural aspect of your life, and therefore completely ignores all cognitive aspects. Therefore it lacks any serious potential for conducting any kind of analysis.

The Thought Dump

This is common amongst people who like to record their thought processes, their ideas & their emotions. It works as a great mechanism for emotional release helping an individual build emotional intelligence & for moderating emotions. While this method focuses on the cognitive aspects of our Self, it lacks any details related to our behaviour. This limits it usefulness when it comes to driving behavioural change, or even getting a deeper understanding of our true Self, based on a combined analysis of both cognitive & behavioural aspects.

Recommendation – Self Discovery Journal

The Self Discovery Journal combines the above two common practices with a systematic study of Self Psychology, an analysis of the self & the development of Self Philosophy. This method of journaling enables the development of a very strong relationship with the Self.

It is a very powerful aid in driving behavioural change, driven by a deep understanding of the Self. It can help you develop new habits, discard existing dependencies & addictions, fostering a strong sense of self love, based on real values, thoughts and actions. It helps you understand your emotional footprint, and align your thought processes & emotions to the truth. It goes beyond moderating emotions, by helping you negate the triggers that cause extreme emotional responses.

The Self Discovery Journal allows you to utilize the true potential of journaling

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