The Socratic Method for Self Discovery

In this article I outline the key ideas behind the Socratic Method, and expound on its application & suitability for the practice of Self Discovery, & for Self Discovery Coaching & Consulting.

As stated in my earlier article, Self Discovery is the process of getting to know one’s self consciously. You can read more on this hypothesis in my article titled – The Idea of Self Discovery. The process of Self Discovery inherently involves probing and questioning your self concept. It involves a lot of contemplation & rumination over details related to our inner consciousness.

“I cannot teach anybody anything. I can only make them think.”

– Socrates, one of the greatest philosophers ever, worked extensively on many ideas related to the Self.

The Socratic Method

The Socratic Method is a form of cooperative & argumentative dialogue, that can be used for learning & understanding of abstract ideas & hypothesis, that require critical thought to draw out underlying facts and eliminate incorrect presuppositions. It is a dialectical method involving discussion in favour & in opposition of a hypothesis by different parties, until either the hypothesis can be established to be true or false based on establishing rational arguments for underlying claims made by the hypothesis.

The Socratic Method has been applied towards many areas of knowledge exploration including education, research & development, politics, law, as well as psychology & psychotherapy.

Self Discovery Coaching & Consulting

One of the primary challenges of Self Discovery Coaching / Consulting is our inability to perfectly know in complete details the inner workings of the other’s mind. A Coach or Consultant can never know the fine details of the client’s thought process. And therefore cannot make any assumptions related to the clients opinions. Even when the client presents their thoughts, words can only offer approximations of abstract ideas. The best a coach can do in such a case is help the individual question their own self concept to chip away the misconceptions, just like a sculptor uses carving. The Socratic Method provides a systematic & cooperative way of questioning an individual about their inner Self, Ideas & Beliefs.

99 Questions for Self Discovery

The Workbook – “The Stellar Self” – is based on the Socrates Method for self enquiry. It primarily comprises of 99 questions for Self Discovery, based on some of the key established ideas in Psychology & Philosophy. The intent of the workbook is not to provide you with a comprehensive list of questions. Such a thing does not exist. Neither is it to provide you with a mastery into the Self.

The workbook actually kick starts a process, through which one forms a habit of asking questions, journaling & reviewing answers instrumental to the gradual understanding of the Self.

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