The Three Pillars of Self Discovery

In this article, we outline the three key ingredients for your Journey of Self Discovery, and present to you the finer details related to getting results from your voyage.


Journaling is not just the most effective tool for Self Discovery; it is an essential component in one’s Journey of Self Discovery. Human memory is limited. We tend to forget important stuff, even when it is related to our selves. Journaling helps us aggregate our knowledge & refer to it at a later stage to recollect, to make amends or to reconcile various aspects related to the Self. Without effective journaling, based on professional feedback, your journey of Self Discovery is always incomplete.


Minimalism is about intentionality, not deprivation.

– D. Stojanivic.

The idea of Minimalism is typically understood to imply giving up on your worldly possessions. However, true minimalism, the kind that is required for Self Discovery, goes beyond that. It implies letting go of all your desires, ambitions, aspirations. It does not imply giving up on life, or not enjoying the pleasures. It involves enjoying life without any expectations from the future, or promises from the past


The idea of travel for self discovery is one of the most misinterpreted notions since it is primarily promoted by the travel industry looking to benefit monetarily from your journey. There is nothing wrong with anyone trying to make money, but the narrative around it often takes the traveller in the direction of consumerism & popular culture, resulting in one losing a part of themselves, rather than finding their true self.

In order for travel to truly serve the purpose of Self Discovery, it must be done with the true intention. First of all, it must not be rushed. You are not trying to reach a destination, or cover all the tourist spots within a limited timeframe. You are taking time away from the distractions at home, to travel inwards while allowing new experiences to gently expose new aspects of your true self.

The journey of Self Discovery involves immersing yourself in a new culture, in order to shed away layers of socio cultural conditioning imposed on your self by your home culture. It involves developing new relationships with foreigners, in order to explore your self in light of these new cultural norms and new relationships, unknown expectations. It requires you to get out of your comfort zone, take some rational risks (not with your physical safety) related to new unknown experiences.

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