Common practices for self discovery

In this article we take a look at some of the most common practices from differing cultural backgrounds that help an individual establish & strengthen their connection with the Self.


Journaling is one of the most effective tools in Self Psychology. Most renowned psychologists, including the likes of Wilhelm Wundt, Mary Calkins, William James, etc to name a few – used Journaling, as a method for Self Observation & Self Analysis.

The practice of effective journaling is the foundation for all my Coaching Programs as well as Retreats.


Fasting has been used in many cultures as a spiritual practice to help individuals connect with the Self. Physiologically Fasting helps us regulate our hormonal activity, which has psychological benefits such as higher focus, increased attention span & clarity of thought. All these effects help us connect with the self. Fasting is an integral part of mySelf Discovery Retreat – The Oasis Inside,


Travel, in the form of a Pilgrimage, has been used in many cultures to help individuals in their spiritual journey, towards finding or regaining their true sense of self. Read more about how travel helps in Self Discovery here.


The practice of Meditation has been used in numerous cultures for its effectiveness in focusing the mind. It is also a part of many religious practices in the form of Prayer. Meditation is integrally tied to Self Discovery, and the ability to pause the thought process or concentrate cone’s attention is essential for deep Self Analysis.


The word Yoga means “Union with the Self”. With the popularity of Yoga in recent times, it is now established that besides numerous other benefits,Yoga also helps an individual find emotional balance in order to connect & ground the Self. Although the most widespread form of practice is in the form of group classes, I recommend developing an individualized Yoga practice for the purpose of Self Discovery.

Digital Detox

The idea of Digital Detox is a contemporary phenomenon due to prevalence of digital devices and the addiction to digital media & entertainment driven content. While the new powerful digital devices help us connect with the world far in geography & beyond the present, the constant use of these devices causes one to lose connection with the Self in present moment & in one’s immediate surroundings.

Digital Detox involves disconnecting with all electronic devices and bringing your focus back to the Here & Now. Digital Detox & Digital Discipline are an integral part of my Retreat – The Oasis Inside.

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