Benefits of Higher Self Awareness

In this article we take a quick look at the most prominent benefits of undertaking a conscious regular practice ofSelf Discovery, resulting in higher levels of Self Awareness.

Our Sense of Self impacts every aspect of our lives. All the choices we make are consciously or unconsciously driven by our sense of Self. However, the resulting happiness or disappointment after exercising those choices, is predicated on how well we knew our Self before making the choice.

We are living in a world of unprecedented opulence in the availability of choices. In spite of that it is too many times, we experience disappointment, even when all of our wishes are fulfilled – whether related to work, money or relationships. Other times, a scarcity is simply a result of not knowing what we actually want.

Quality Choices & Decisions

The first benefit of Self Discovery is the improvement in the quality of choices we make in our lives. What kind of profession should one pursue? What kind of a partner does one desire? What hobbies suit my temperament & capability? These are all questions answered through the process of Self Discovery. As a result of higher Self awareness, one is able to make better choices in life, resulting in higher contentment & happiness.

Self Driven Behavioural Change

Secondly, the process of Self Discovery lays a solid foundation for self driven behavioural change & life long continuous learning. Behavioural change is not easy. Our behaviour is driven by our emotions, and our perception of the situation & environment. Most of us struggle with behavioural changes, because we lack an understanding of what it is that drives an undesirable behaviour. Self Discovery helps us understand the underlying reasons for our undesirable behaviour, thus making it easier for us to changing it.

Quality Relationships

A key benefit of higher self awareness is the improvement in our existing relationships, as well as our choices in creating new relationships. For existing relationships we are in a better position to allocate resources, time and space based on our true self thereby reducing conflicts. For new relationships our choices are guided by our true self, and are therefore better aligned to our long term goals and aspirations.

Successful Career

The key factor in achieving success is the pursuit of excellence. And this requires a very high level of Self Awareness, related to knowing your aptitude, strengths, weakness, and limitations. I will elaborate further on this in my upcoming article titled ‘The Pursuit of Excellence’. Self Discovery allows you to achieve a successful work life driven by your personal metrics, rather than by social standards. It further enables you to create a lifestyle based on Ikigai.

Self Discovery Questions

  • What do you think could be one of the key drawbacks of increased Self Awareness?
  • How can you avoid it?