The Key Aspects of Self Discovery

In this article we attempt to outline the principal aspects of the process of Self discovery – based on the two comprising disciplines of Self Psychology & Philosophy of the Self.

The self has been a subject of study & analysis in the fields of Philosophy & Psychology. Thus it is apt to consider these two disciplines when considering the key aspects of Self Discovery. Learning Philosophy of the Self and Self Psychology are two essential learning directives for Self Discovery. The following are the principal aspects of Self Discovery, when considering these two disciplines.

Increasing Self Awareness

The first and foremost is the objective of increasing Self Awareness. Learning about Self Psychology is extremely helpful towards this objective. The key is to apply the various concepts learned on your own Self, in order to develop a better understanding of your true Self, and eliminate misconceptions & false impressions that one takes on as a result of imperfect parenting, socio cultural conditioning or politico-economic drivers..

Deeper Connection to you True Self

The result of learning Self Psychology & applying the principles to your own thoughts, feelings & behaviour will result in developing a deeper connection with your true Self. This is all the more important in the modern world, where we are constantly connected through electronic devices and constantly fed media to manipulate us.

Rational Self Analysis

“You can be your best Psychoanalyst.”

You have unrestricted access to all the information related to you. You have access to your deepest conjurations. One of the best instruments at your disposal is a personal journal, which can be a very powerful tool in helping you with Rational Self Analysis. Developing a deep understanding of the reasons & drivers behind your thoughts & actions can give you powerful resources towards shaping your destiny.

Personal Life Philosophy

Another key element of the process of Self Discovery is the development of a personal life philosophy to live by. Most individuals do not live a fulfilling life, not because of the lack of material resources or emotional fulfilment. It is primarily due to a lack of a personal life philosophy aligned to the true self.

More than often, an individual lacking a personal life philosophy will make their choices driven by others’ ideas, not aligned to their true Self. More than often individuals take on collective philosophical ideas (various isms) driven by their need for affiliation. Self Discovery promotes the development of a personal philosophy based on your unique story.

It also helps an individual to choose values systems based on the true self, and not necessarily based on the socio cultural perceptions. It promotes a rational understanding of your unique personal values.

Self Discovery Questions

  • What is any one key aspect of  your life that you believe can improve using Self Psychology?
  • Name one of your favourite Philosophers? What is the reason for your choice?