The Idea of Self Discovery

In this article we attempt to define the idea of Self Discovery from a layman’s perspective & outline the three most essential aspects of the process.

You have probably heard of the term “Self Discovery”, or seen someone refer to their “Journey of Self Discovery”, since these terms are quite in vogue these days. And that makes one wonder – What is Self Discovery? Do we not know ourselves? What is there to discover? In this article, I’ll address these specific questions.

What is Self Discovery

Self Discovery is the  Conscious, Structured & Experiential process of improving Self Awareness

We all know ourselves to a certain extent. But we also have a lot of preconceived misconceptions about ourselves. And this is the main cause of our unhappiness, lack of success and search for meaning in life.

Self Discovery is the practice of consciously establishing a deep connection with the self, resulting in improved Self Awareness, developing unconditional Self Love & gradually moving towards Self Actualization. There are three important keywords highlighted in bold above that are key to the practice of Self Discovery.

  • While all of us are always connected to our selves, Self Discovery involves making time & consciously analyzing our own psychology, our actions & the underlying emotions.
  • While we are continuously learning about our true self, through a conscious effort, or unconsciously, Self Discovery involves putting together a structured approach towards this endeavour. It may be in the form of a habit, or a practice that allows you to connect with yourself. But there must be a commitment & feedback mechanism in order to get any desirable results.
  • Finally, it is an experiential process. One cannot learn about the self by reading about it or from any tutoring media. Learning about the Self requires one to experience life without constraints & obligations.

Self Discovery allows an individual to expand her/his knowledge about the self in a structured manner, based on established Psychological & Philosophical concepts. And it thereby helps eliminate false notions, misplaced feelings & respective misconceptions.

How can one not know one’s Self?

You’d be surprised how little we know of our true selves.

Most people think that getting to know themselves implies knowing facts about themselves. This can be details related to family, our likes, dislikes, our choices related to food, work , recreation etc. But facts about any individual are superficial external properties. Self Discovery involves digging deeper, taking a look inside, beyond what is defined and categorized. 

In life, we all make many choices on a daily basis. Every action we perform, is a conscious ore unconscious choice. And there is a reason why we make those choices. Self Discovery involves understanding the underlying reasons as to why we are making the choices that we are making. Why does one person choose to study accounting whereas the other one studies performing arts. A superficial knowledge would simply state it as a preference. Self discovery goes a bit deeper, to understand why that preference exists in the first place.

Self Discovery Questions

  • Do you currently have a structured approach towards improving Self Awareness?
  • What are some conscious practices that you currently undertake towards improving Self Awareness?