Studying the Self – Psychology or Philosophy?

In this article we take a look at the two main disciplines of study of the Self in academia, and evaluate how a careful study of Self Psychology & Philosophy can provide the required framework of knowledge for increasing Self Awareness.

The Self has been a subject of study in the academic fields of Philosophy & Psychology. For anyone starting out towards gaining knowledge about the self, it is a question to evaluate – which direction to head towards. Whether to undertake a study of Psychology or use Philosophy. The answer is to use both.

Self Discovery is a long term slow process. Over the long run, you stand to gain from improving your learning in both of these areas.

Why Study Psychology of Self

A study of Psychology of the Self will help you get a better understanding of the person you are, based on your past, your unique story & environment. It will help you better guide yourself to a more fulfilling career.

Why Study Philosophy of Self

A study of Philosophy of the Self will help you chart your course in life consciously, rather than allowing your life to be directed by others or by situations. It will help you have a purpose in life, beyond the objective metrics.

Multidisciplinary Learning, Interdisciplinary Application

The current knowledge economy requires Multidisciplinary Learning, Interdisciplinary Application of ideas. Therefore, irrespective of what your professional line of work is, or your main area of knowledge, augmenting it with self awareness offers huge benefits. Not only are you better able to make choices based on the type of person you are, your strengths, weaknesses, inclinations, you are also able to chart your course of life better aligned to your true self.

Self Awareness Questions

  • Name one of the key applied skills from your professional life from the areas of
    • Arts
    • Commerce
    • Science
  • Choose one of the above and access how it improves your self awareness.