Hi, Welcome to the Stellar Self.

My name is Sanjay Arora & this is my website. I create content & host workshops on Self Awareness. Here you will find information about my workshops. Click here to find out more about me.

Self Awareness Workshops

Self Awareness Workshops offer an opportunity to exchange ideas & thoughts related to common topics or questions related to the Self.

A connection with a view into the ‘Other’ is an integral component of the process of getting to know the ‘Self’.

All workshops are organized as T-group discussions. A T-group or training group is a form of group training where participants learn about a subject through their interaction with each other.

Prior to each workshop, every participant is required to go through preparation material related to the workshop and submit initial contributory material for the workshop.

Most importantly the workshops require participation from everyone with an open mind for self expression with a high emphasis of including humour & having fun while learning about ourselves.

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